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Can it be? Still More Funky Teeth!

As we near the end of our god-forsaken tour of the loathsome (yet educational!) tour of diseased and misbegotten teeth, remember: Making fun of people's teeth is fun, and sometimes profitable. But anyone caught ridiculing Oomphoophoo's teeth will be flogged with a dead chipmunk and neutered (or spayed) when we find you. Some of you may have already attempted to use your painfully inept wits against the beautiful one's teeth. Remember.. if nothing else, SHE IS VERY LARGE AND COULD DISABLE YOU FOR LIFE WITH A SINGLE BELLY-FLOP! Now, on with the teeth!

Oh, the horror! Your mothers grill.

Thats it! Show's over. Thanks for coming. See ya next time. Please remember to return your trays to their locked and upright positions. You'll be missed!(giggle) Buh-bye...
Sorry, got carried away... anyway, thanks for joining us in ridiculing those less fortunate than ourselves. I know we feel better about our selves and we hope you do to. Now get out!

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