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Hall of Morons!!

Well Oomphoophoo-a-maniacs, Welcome to our Hall of Morons! We here at the House of Strangeosity despise morons cluttering up webspace as much as you do. We always have to read their inane tirades about what they did this week, who their favorite bands are, and their life history. WHO CARES!! Personally, I could care less about which Hason is ""'s favorite, what ""'s pet peeves are, or who "" wants to kill. And I hate to break it to these miscreants of tact and taste, but when people go to your pages, they don't say to themselves, "Oh my! I always wondered what ""'s favorite Marilyn Mason album was!" NO! They sit there and say, "What a feeb. I wish this sloppy-eyed gristle-neck was here so I could make fun if them till they cried!". Well wish no more! Here at Oomphoophoo's House of Strangeosity, we would like to give you, the wonderful patron of our freak show, the opportunity to really cut their ego's down to size. Included with the pictures of the brain-dead waste-of-good-meats and a tirade about them, their E-mail address is included for you to ridicule and use your barbed wits against them

But wait...this is really mean. After all, these people did not ask me to come to their sites and take their photos to put on my page and make fun of them. I don't even know these people. They could be wonderful and thoughful people with lots to say. heh. heh heh. Bwahahaahahahahahha! Yeah, ok... Well, now that THATS over, on with the senseless cruelty!

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