Wall O' Funky Teeth!

This is the famous "Wall O' Funky Teeth"!(well, not really famous but definately a wall) Here, we showcase the nastiest teeth, lips, gums, toungues and mouths in the world. Why, you may be asking yourself as you trying to find the "Back" button on your browser, do we offer this free service to YOU, the wonderful House of Strangeosity patron? The answer: Because we are disgusting and socially retarded people and deserve your pity. No, wait, it's because you really want to see these, you just haven't admitted it to yourself yet. no, wait, that's not right either. We're doin' it for the kids. No, no.. Well, we don't really know.. we just do it and you're here now so why don't you just look. Jeez. You people and your questions. Here's the stinking wall!

On Wit' Da' Teef!

Sexy Ooh, baby!

Don't that make you all warm and fuzzy inside? Continue walking to see more fine examples of oral hygeine gone completely bonkers. Laugh at others misfortune to make you own pathetic little lives seem happy. We won't tell!

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