Children's Section! Educational and Fun!

We here at Oomphoophoo's House of Strangeosity love children. They look small and are fun to prod with sharp sticks. I personally like the way they ask innocent questions like "Why are you touching Mommy with the shaky thing?" and "Why are you looking at me and licking your lips like that?". Enough to make your heart melt, isn't it? Well, we also beleive that children should be educated to their fullest potential, unless of course you plan on keeping them stupid so they will unquestioningly be your loyal and humble servants for the rest of their miserable little lives. Not that that is a bad idea. But for the rest of you "not-so-progressive" parents, here's an educational tour for the kiddies that they will be sure to enjoy. And remember... learning is FUN-demented!

YOU think you have the sniffles?
Trust Me!
He's sooo smart!
This is what your parents will do to you when you turn 18. What? You don't want that to happen. Well, I guess your just going to have to kill them in thier sleep!
Children, you should always trust our leaders and friends in the White House. And, daggum it, if our president says to worship the devil, than so be it!!
This man wants to be your friend. He thinks you are nice and smell good. So do we. We all want to be very close to you.

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