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More Funky Teeth!

As you continue down this wall of freaky teeth, consider this. These people have less fortunate grills than our own and cannot help the fact that they have nappy chompers. Is this any reason to laugh at them? Well, of course it is. Ha Ha! So as you examine these examples of what professionals like to call "Flappy Gums", "Snaggle Toofs", and "Busted Grill", remember to ridicule them silently, of better yet, out loud to a spouse or loved one. It will do your low self-esteem good, and, hey, it's funny! Neener Neener Neener!

You want to French Kiss Me! Behold! Art!

You want to see more difigured mouths?!?!? You sick people. What's wrong with you? Have you no souls!? This way, please.....

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