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Educating the Human Larvae!

More fun with the chillins. As we try to cram as much knowledge into your misformed brains as humanly possible, keep in mind that there's a whole world out there with lots of things to enjoy and learn from! For instance, H2SO4 is hydrochloric acid! (Try it at home!) Cutting yourself may hurt a little, but it leaves neat scars and scabs taste good! The surprise ending of the Crying Game is.. shes a man!!! See, the possibilities are endless. Here's some more tidbits for your least used organ....

Use it or lose it!
Isn't that cute.
I don't remember eating that...
Ah, the human brain. Complex and mystifying, it secrets are the key to understanding humanity itself. It's beauty and elegence in form and function are truly astounding. It tastes good with butter.
This is what happens when you stop actually getting off your couch and going outside. It bears a strong resemblance to cottage cheese, the same thing your brain will turn into if you don't PUT DOWN THAT REMOTE! Does not taste good with butter,
Don't worry, it alot more fun than it looks. As a matter of fact, us down at Oomphoophoo's choose this as our favorite pasttime. Podamus currently hold the record for most colorful, while Oomphoophoo had the most (Re)edible! Enjoy!

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