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More Knowledge to Cram Into You!!

And kids, if you don't get enough information with your friends here Oomphoophoo's House of Strangeosity, you could always check out our "Links" section. It will supply all of the knowledge that is worth anything. What? You say you want to learn about math, history, agriculture, and horse spanking? What's wrong with you!!! Who are you to tell us what you need. WE KNOW BETTER THAN YOU. We only have your best interests in mind.. so pay attention, or we will smack your proverbial little hands with our wooden rulers of superiority! Or we'll just find out where you live and cut your toes off with dull cucumbers.. your choice.. Have fun!!!

Look at his..uh..shirt.
'Scuse me.
Friend to all children
The sex education part of our tour, this is all you will need to know about sex and us. Metal! Penis! That's it.. next topic!
Isn't it pretty? This is what happens when some fat guy and some little dude meet. I guess theres something homoerotic about that. See previous panel.
After you're out of school and need a job, you may be slightly bewildered. Go see Kathie Lee. She'll treat you real nice-like. We promise!!

So, there's everything you need to know about everything. These lessons have been brought to you by some fat monkey looking thing.

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